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 Lyra is a flexible, powerful, yet light-weight render engine for the creation of real-time graphics for a wide variety of broadcast needs. It was developed by ARTS Computer Technologies, a company that can look back on several decades at the forefront of broadcast technology development. We have combined the Lyra render engine with a slim version of our state-of-the-art graphics control and playout application M2Control to create a single-box broadcast graphics workflow for straightforward needs of modern day broadcasters.

The Lyra render engine offers a template-based graphics creation interface, which includes a multitude of effects and features for the quick realization of professional graphics packages. With Lyra, users can create graphics for many of the common broadcast needs, such as logo animations, dynamic tickers, lower thirds, program announcements and much more. The software supports a wide variety of image and video formats for import and thus offers great flexibility while remaining easy to handle.

By integrating Lyra with a light-weight M2Control we have created a single-box application which focuses on the individual requirements of the client, supplying networks with a targeted solution that is easy to learn and operate, thereby shortening response times and speeding up production. As technology is becoming smaller and more flexible, the combination of Lyra and M2Control offers a professional workflow of a reasonable scale, as well as high-end graphics quality for all types of applications, from branding to sports and newsroom. Thepackage was designed to integrate easily into any given environment while guaranteeing mission-critical stability and performance.




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How We Help

How We Help


We help from the earliest phase of any project - the concept. Do you need to know what is technically possible? Do you have your own idea or are you looking for a fully developed concept? We help you get the concept right.


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It can be easy to talk to talk, it's much harder to walk the walk. We've been privileged to work with the world biggest brands helping them execute concepts and develop plans into a wonderful reality.


The project is never over. Planning, installation and training are only the beginning. We continuously support our projects and work to ensure success and growth for our clients.



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AbuDhabi Media's vizrt environment is supervised by VizSecure

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HSE Group using M2Control for automatic playout


Tagesschau24 uses M2Control for automatic playout and control system


QVC using M2Control for automatic playout

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