Molden Media is a multi-disciplinary broadcast agency, with a speciality of visualizing big data on large interactive displays


How We Help

How We Help


We help from the earliest phase of any project - the concept. Do you need to know what is technically possible? Do you have your own idea or are you looking for a fully developed concept? We help you get the concept right.


The best idea can fail without the proper action plan. Details, options, solutions, hurdles and plan B's need to be considered thoroughly. We work with you to make fool-proof plans.


It can be easy to talk to talk, it's much harder to walk the walk. We've been privileged to work with the world biggest brands helping them execute concepts and develop plans into a wonderful reality.


The project is never over. Planning, installation and training are only the beginning. We continuously support our projects and work to ensure success and growth for our clients.



Products We Make

Get in touch with your data

Bring social media to television

A health status and remedy tool for your broadcast infrastructure


M2Control takes control of your real-time graphics

Projects We Made


Shopping Live in Russia goes on air


FOX Sports Japan uses M2Touch

ESC PreSelectionGermany

Eurovision Song Contest pre-selection Germany

Presidential Elections USA

Presidential elections USA

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